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About Us

Our History

Frontier Production Services was conceived from an idea between brothers, Stefano and Fabrizio. Both come from an Industrial design & engineering background. After a couple years working in industry they noticed that with such unique client need there was a definite need for innovation. Frontier has evolved from providing special effect services and building soft props to designing experimental media, prototyping, and offering state of the art 3D scanning and Printing services. To date Frontier Production Services Inc.  has many clients in Film, Television, Theater, live events and Industrial/Manufacturing sector.


Our Values

The partnership is one which is built on a strong set of values such as honesty, social responsibility, integrity and reliability. We understand the importance of building a positive and long lasting relationship with our clients which is why we adhere to these values.


Our Approach

Frontier Production Services Inc. strives for excellence and will not be satisfied until our customers needs are met, coupled with its leading edge equipment and services we are able to stand apart from others by providing state of the Art innovations through its 3D Scanners, Lidar Technology and 3D printing services.